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Apologies, right.

So I do have prompts stacking up in my ask box, and yes I am looking forward to writing them, but exams.

Bear with me - but feel free to send me more in the meantime!

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cheers, darlin’

cheers, darlin’

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Suddenly, a memory surfaces. I’m strapped to my bed, mad with rage and grief after the rescue. Finnick is trying to console me about Peeta. "They’ll figure out he doesn’t know anything pretty fast. And they won’t kill him if they think they can use him against you."

"You did warn me, though. On the hovercraft. Only when you said they’d use Peeta against me, I thought you meant like bait. To lure me into the Capitol somehow," I say.

"I shouldn’t have said even that. It was too late for it to be of any help to you. Since I hadn’t warned you before the Quarter Quell, I should’ve shut up about how Snow operates." Finnick yanks on the end of his rope, and an intricate knot becomes a straight line again.

"It’s just that I didn’t understand when I met you. After your first Games, I thought the whole romance was an act on your part. We all expected you’d continue that strategy. But it wasn’t until Peeta hit the force field and nearly died that I Finnick hesitates.

I think back to the arena. How I sobbed when Finnick revived Peeta. The quizzical look on Finnick’s face. The way he excused my behavior, blaming it on my pretend pregnancy. "That you what?"

"That I knew I’d misjudged you. That you do love him. I’m not saying in what way. Maybe you don’t know yourself. But anyone paying attention could see how much you care about him," he says gently.

Anyone? On Snow’s visit before the Victory Tour, he challenged me to erase any doubts of my love for Peeta. "Convince me," Snow said. It seems, under that hot pink sky with Peeta’s life in limbo, I finally did. And in doing so, I gave him the weapon he needed to break me.

Finnick and I sit for a long time in silence, watching the knots bloom and vanish, before I can ask, "How do you bear it?"

Finnick looks at me in disbelief. "I don’t, Katniss! Obviously, I don’t. I drag myself out of nightmares each morning and find there’s no relief in waking." Something in my expression stops him. "Better not to give in to it. It takes ten times as long to put yourself back together as it does to fall apart." 

Well, he must know. I take a deep breath, forcing myself back into one piece.

"The more you can distract yourself, the better," he says. "First thing tomorrow, we’ll get you your own rope. Until then, take mine."

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Prompt: Annie is 16 and she hasn’t won the games yet. She is in a relationship with Finnick. Her parents don’t want her to see him anymore because of the rumors that he makes out with every capitol woman. She had a dispute with his parents and after, she had to broke up with Finnick

Annie offered to clear the table after they had finished the crab soup that her mother had prepared, and the family retreated into the living room while she began washing the plates. She heard the dull buzzing sound of the television through the wall and sighed. Her father insisted that it was important to remain properly informed about what was happening in the Capitol, something which Annie believed had much more to do with his desire for some kind of rebellion than his want to remain engaged with celebrity gossip. As for Annie, she would much rather just keep her head down and ignore it all. She didn’t see the point in watching the ‘news’ - most of it was just the recent celebrity scandals in the Capitol. As for rebellion; well it was nice to dream, but she couldn’t help but think that her father was a little naive. Like they had a chance of ever overcoming the might of the Capitol.

Annie nearly dropped a plate at the screech from her younger sister in the next room; she caught it just in time with her soapy hands.

"Do you mind?" she opened the door to tell Caley to be quiet, but stopped when her eyes flicked to the television screen. 

"It’s Finnick!" Caley shrieked again, jabbing her finger in the direction of the screen. Annie remained in the doorway, eyes fixed to the report, which sure enough, featured her boyfriend.

The reporter, a man with garish purple hair, began to speak. “Capitol darling Finnick Odair has just this week been seen with several high-profile women, and we have exclusive photos of some slightly naughty action.” The reporter giggled, and then images flashed up on the screen; photos of Finnick, dressed and styled to perfection, his arms around two women, his lips pressed to the ear of one, his hands on her body.. 

She couldn’t watch any more, and turned back to the kitchen, plunging her hands into the scalding hot water and scrubbing at the remaining dishes ferociously. 

After a few minutes, there was the click of the television being turned off, and her father’s voice. “Annie,” he called. “Could you come in here a minute please?”

Annie bit her lip and walked into the living room, sitting down next to her sister.

"We need to talk," her mother began gently. "You.. well, you saw what we saw." 

Annie nodded, not trusting herself to say anything else.

"I know you loved Finnick," she continued.

"Love." she interrupts. "Present tense."

Her father groaned. “Annie, for god’s sake, you can see for yourself what he’s like now! We have always liked Finnick, you know that, but the Capitol has changed him. He’s off with a different woman every night, he clearly has no respect for you - “

"We no longer think he’s suitable for you, Annie," her mother said, taking Annie’s hand in hers. "We’re doing this for your own protection, because we care. Love can make you blind, sometimes."

"What.. what exactly are you saying?" Annie asked. She had a pretty good idea, but needed to hear them say it. 

Her mother sighed. “You need to break up with Finnick.”

Annie shook her head slowly. “No. You don’t understand. That - what we just saw - that’s not Finnick.”

"It’s not a request, Annie," her father said. "It’s an instruction."

And from that moment, his mind was made up. Nothing she said could sway him, and he practically pushed her out of the door in the direction of Victors’ Village. 

Annie stumbled along the path towards Finnick’s house. He was due back from the Capitol that evening, and when she knocked on the door it was him who answered.

"Annie!" His face lit up at the sight of her.

"Finn," she mumbled, not meeting his eyes.

"Come on in," he said slowly, face falling a little. She stepped inside the house but didn’t move to sit down. "What’s going on?" he asked, frowning.

"My parents, they saw the news tonight.. You were on it." she said, still refusing to meet his gaze. Finnick swallowed, and ran a hand through his hair, but didn’t say anything. "They said you’re not good for me, not any more." she said so quietly that she doubts he heard her.

"They’re right," he replied, and she looked up to see that his expression was one of resignation. 

"They’re making me end things with you," she whispered, and he nodded. 

"It’s better, for you," he said, voice low and broken.

"I don’t want to," she breathed, tears welling up in her eyes. "I want to be with you."

"No, you don’t." He said firmly. "Not now, not after this." He led her to the door, and it took every ounce of strength he had to utter the next few words. "Goodbye, Annie," he said, letting go of her hand and closing the door between them.

Finnick turned, and only made it to the hallway before he collapsed, sinking to his knees with his head in his hands. He might have won the Games, but he had lost everything that mattered.

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The Hunger Games vs Catching Fire character development (inspired by the fandom)

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Prompt: annie goes to the quarter quell pregnant with finnick and everyone finds out

"Annie Cresta." The sound of her name spoken in that clipped Capitol accent filled Finnick’s mind, haunting his thoughts. Of course, it hadn’t been a surprise. They had known it would be Annie. And he knew that Mags would be better placed on the outside, in a position to help them in the arena. Annie would fall to pieces either way, so better to have her with him than apart.

Finnick pressed the palms of his hands into his eyes, so hard that he saw lights popping and spinning. Then, cool hands on his shoulders made him look up. 

"Finnick," she whispered. "I love you."

He met Annie’s eyes and felt his heart splintering. She was saying goodbye. Saying goodbye here, in the District, before they could get to the Capitol and lose all their privacy.

"I love you too, Annie," he said firmly. "But this isn’t the end."

He could almost hear the lie in his own voice. Plutarch and the others had sworn to get as many victors as possible out of the arena alive, but he knew that their priority was Katniss. It had to be. 

Annie was oblivious to the whole plan. He suspected she knew something, knew that he wasn’t being completely open with her, but she didn’t ask. That was just one of the things he loved about her; she never pried, always let him talk to her if he wanted to. After every time he returned from the Capitol, she didn’t press him for details, just let him know she was there if he needed to talk. God, he loved her.

The interviews came, and Finnick held tightly to Annie’s hand the entire time. At this point, who cared about keeping up appearances? It wasn’t like Snow could do any more to him.

Peeta stood up and stole the show. Katniss was pregnant? Clever bastard, Finnick thought, seeing straight through the ruse. Still, it got the Capitol citizens up in arms about the Games, and most seemed to believe it. Annie clearly did - she ran off stage sobbing at Peeta’s words, and Finnick dashed after her under cover of the spotlight on Peeta. He pressed Annie against his chest, murmuring to her that it would be alright, that Katniss would be alright.

They shared a room during their time in the Capitol, and the on the morning they were entering the arena they both woke with dark circles under their eyes and silent glances. Annie dashed to the bathroom to be sick, and Finnick held her hair back and rubbed small circles on her back until she stopped. He didn’t know how to make her feel any better - god, he felt like throwing up himself.

They made it past the massacre at the Cornucopia, and everyone that needed to be alive still was. An uneasy alliance was formed between himself and Annie, Katniss and Peeta, and Johanna. Katniss didn’t seem to have much time for Annie, and the looks she gave Finnick and Johanna made it clear just how little she trusted them.

They made a camp for the night and Finnick took first watch, keeping close to Annie’s side. She fell asleep only after he began to run his fingers through her hair, braiding and plaiting strands of it as if he was weaving a rope back home. 

He jerked awake to Peeta, who had taken over watch from Finnick. “Annie.” Peeta tilted his head towards where Annie was over by a tree stump, being sick. Finnick jumped up and ran to her, holding her waist and pulling her hair out from in front of her face. 

"Why didn’t you wake me?" he asked, when she had stopped. 

"You needed to sleep," she murmured, not meeting his eyes. "It’s not so bad."

He begged to differ, but didn’t argue, instead leading her to an area a few metres away from the main camp; close enough to see, but far enough not to be overheard. He didn’t know what to say to her, so just held her in his arms, trying to absorb every moment.

"Finnick," she whispered after a while.

"Yes," he said, rubbing his thumb across hers.

"I need to tell you something," she said. She sounded nervous, and a knot started to form in his stomach. "I didn’t want to say anything, but I can’t.." she broke off in a sob which she stifled. "I can’t die with you not knowing."

He couldn’t form words, but nodded to let her know to continue.

There was a long silence, and then Annie spoke, the words barely audible. “I’m pregnant.”

Finnick felt his heart stop. The overwhelming joy he felt at her words was crushed by the improbability of both him and Annie making it out of there alive. He knew that, despite her quiet voice, the microphones would have picked up every word she had said. He knew that Snow, who had forced Finnick to keep his relationship secret for years, would not be happy with him. And he knew that when Snow wasn’t happy, it was the ones Finnick loved who paid.

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I’ve got a few more prompts left to write responses to, and should be continuing to post one a day.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading them as much as I’ve enjoyed writing them!

My list of writings is getting small, so hit my ask box with any prompts you’d like to see written, or start an rp if you fancy!

Much love x

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Prompt: Annie telling Finnick that she is pregnant.

[[I have written this as sort of a back-story/continuation from the previous piece, in which Finnick returns to Annie]]

Finnick had been gone a few days when Annie was called back to the hospital. She had been reported screaming in her sleep, muttering to herself, and had twice been found trying to escape from District 13. They told her that they wanted to keep her under observation. This was worse, but they couldn’t see that. With everyone she knew gone to the Capitol, there were only strange faces peering at her through glass. She felt naked, exposed. 

After the staff’s evening changeover period, Annie was found in a corner, surrounded by smashed glass and her own blood. She had tried to escape, tried to get to Finnick, and had fought her way through the glass windows only to collapse at the sight of blood.

"Annie," a soft voice said, and she looked up. Frowning, she tried to place the woman speaking to her. She recognised her face, but didn’t think she’d seen it before. "I’m Katniss’ mother," the woman said, "Shall we get you fixed up?"

The woman seemed so kind that Annie found herself complying. The nurses wanted to take a scan of Annie’s body to see if she’d done any further damage to herself by trying to escape, and Annie obediently lay down on the bed as they asked her. It was only when they requested she remove her wedding ring that Annie panicked. 

"No, I can’t, I won’t - " she couldn’t make them understand her, she just knew that she was not giving up that ring; it was her connection to Finnick. 

"Why don’t you let me look after it?" Mrs Everdeen spoke. "We need to do this scan so we can make sure you’re okay, but the metal messes with our machinery. I’m sure Finnick wouldn’t want to return to see you all bandaged up, would he?"

Annie pictured Finnick’s face at seeing her injured, and knew the woman was right - it would hurt him. So, before she could change her mind, she pulled off the ring and placed it in Mrs Everdeen’s palm.

The next morning she woke with a start, standing up and dashing to the bathroom. She vomited into the toilet, then rinsed her mouth out with water. She didn’t know what was happening, and she wanted Finnick there. She stayed on the bathroom floor for an hour, until the wave of nausea had passed.

A knock on the door forced her slowly to her feet, and she opened it to find Mrs Everdeen standing outside, a smile on her face. “May I come in?” she asked, and Annie nodded, stepping back to let her through.

"I have some good news, Annie," she said. "You and Finnick - you’re pregnant."

Annie dropped the glass of water on the floor, eyes wide, hands shaking. She had never thought this possible. She had never let herself imagine what having a child with Finnick might be like, because they both knew it was a luxury they would never be permitted. She sank onto the bed and cried, overwhelmed at the news.

A few minutes later, she looked up. “Finnick,” she said softly. “I have to tell Finnick.”

Mrs Everdeen nodded sympathetically. “I’ve already tried to see if we can get hold of their squad in the Capitol, but I’ve been told communication is not possible.”

Annie tried to hold back her disappointment, instead focussing on Finnick’s return. She would tell him when he got back, and he would be overjoyed. They were having a baby.

But then, the news had come. Finnick was gone, dead, not coming back. Annie sunk down into a deep depression, and nothing could pull her out. She both relied on and resented this baby inside her. It was her one joy, her piece of Finnick left behind, but she couldn’t stand it, couldn’t stand knowing that Finnick would never meet his child, that she would have to raise a child who looked like her Finnick…

They tried to get her to eat, they forced tubes into her body and attached wires to her. And then she had heard his voice. Finnick, by some insane miracle, had returned. They tried to explain to her what had happened, that he had been badly injured, been in a coma, put in a Capitol hospital, nobody had known who he was. Annie didn’t care. All that mattered was that he was here, her Finnick was here.

When they were back in the privacy of their compartment, Finnick turned to her. “Annie,” he said, not looking away from her eyes. “When I got back, they told me that you were..” He couldn’t say it, and she knew he wouldn’t believe it unless it came from her.

"I’m pregnant, Finn," she breathed. His eyes widened, and he sunk to his knees, lifting up her top to reach out with trembling hands and touch her stomach. 

"We’re.. we’re having a baby," he said incredulously, and she nodded. They had both thought it impossible, and yet here they were, about to bring a new Odair into the world.

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Your Odesta fanfic where finnick comes back is so beautiful!! I'm sorry you had to retype the whole thing, but to me it was worth it :) you are so talented!
Anonymous asked

Thank you so much! This has put a big smile on my face :)

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Prompt: AU where finnick lives where he and Annie are reunited when he gets back from fighting in the Capitol.


She had let the words wash over her, refusing to take them in. “Finnick didn’t make it.” Peeta had been the one to tell her; they had let him do it because Katniss wanted it to be someone she knew, but neither her nor Johanna had the tact. Annie continued to look him in the eyes, not reacting at all. It was beginning to unease Peeta. “Annie..?” he spoke softly.

"I’ll be in our room," was all she said, before turning and walking towards the room she shared with her husband in District 13. 

She made it as far as closing the door behind her before she sunk to the floor and dissolved into sobs. She was aware of the saying that your heart was breaking, and felt it as a physical pain. She clutched her knees to her chest and rocked back and forth, muttering Finnick’s name over and over. Her Finnick was.. gone? She couldn’t process it.

She didn’t know how long she sat there for. She was aware of someone forcing the door open behind her body, and entering the room, sitting in front of her, but not touching her. Johanna. She didn’t say anything, she just sat there. Some distant part of Annie knew that Johanna must be hurting too - Finnick was probably her closest friend. But she couldn’t bring herself to feel anything close to empathy, she couldn’t bring herself to feel anything at all. There was only his absence, and that was enough to swallow her whole so she would never feel again.

Time passed, and still she didn’t move. Peeta tried to convince her to eat, but she just looked back at him with blank eyes. Someone picked her up with strong arms. She didn’t like that, being touched. She kicked, scratched, clawed, fought to be free. Then she felt the sharp prick of a needle, and entered a not unpleasant haze. Nothing felt real. She was laid onto a hospital bed, and there was beeping, and wires, but none of it was real. Nothing was real.

Then, a voice. It could have been days, it could have been weeks. But even through the clouds of fog that had been put upon her by the drugs, she knew that voice. 


She tried to turn her head, and found that she could still move. Yanking out the wires, she discovered strength she didn’t know she had. Annie got to her feet, taking unsteady but determined steps to the door. 

There were others, mutterings. “Some kind of mix-up, he ended up in a hospital in the Capitol.. Coma, out for days, nobody knew who he was…” She didn’t care what anyone else was saying, she just needed to find that voice..

And then, there he was.

He saw her a half-second after she saw him, so she had time to notice his desperate, wild eyes, the scars on his face, the clenched fists at his sides.

"Finnick," she breathed, not able to believe it but also not able to deny what was right in front of her. She took a small step towards him, and he closed the distance between them faster than she would have thought it possible. He took her in his arms, gently at first, but when she clutched at him with shaking hands he enveloped her completely. She breathed him in, sobbing, overwhelmed, and she was aware of the silent tears running across his cheeks, too. He clutched her to him, and she was certain that this time, he would never let go.

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To all my new followers, hi!

I’ve loved getting all your prompts, and have got stuck in to writing responses to them. I’m most probably going to be queuing them so there’ll be something new about once a day. 

If you have anything else Odesta-related that you want to see in writing, hit my ask box!

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Prompt: Finnick comes back from a tough week at the Capitol and he feels disgusted with himself and he needs Annie to comfort him.

Finnick stepped off the train, glad to be leaving behind the last of the cameras. It was an unspoken agreement that he would toe the line in the Capitol, but that he would be free from being followed in the District. Of course, that didn’t mean Snow didn’t know exactly what he did when he was home, but at least Finnick wasn’t aware of the cameras in the same way he was in the Capitol.

He began walking slowly towards his house in Victors’ Village. He felt filthy, used, and exhausted. During the walk he tried to clear his mind of the Capitol. He was home now, and he didn’t have to go back there for at least another month. Still, he couldn’t erase the images that flooded his mind - this time had been particularly awful. There had been two women in one night, a new first, and Finnick suspected Snow was pushing him, testing his limits. He had obliged to this demand, but didn’t know how much further he could be pushed. 

He stepped over the boundary of Victors’ Village, taking in the rows of mostly empty houses. It was this sight that made him aware of exactly how much further Snow could push him. Finnick would never say no, because all Snow had to do was click his fingers and two of these houses would stand empty. Finnick’s compliance was what kept Mags and Annie alive.

Annie. He glanced over at her house, wanting nothing more than to run over now, bang on the door, find her waiting for him. However, the lights were all off, sending a slight panic through Finnick. Where was she? Was she alright? This wouldn’t be the first time he had returned home from the Capitol to find Annie in pieces.

He picked up his pace, striding towards his house, and only then noticing the light on upstairs. He grinned to himself, knowing that only one girl had the guts to let herself into his house. 

He pushed open the front door, grin falling slightly as he realised that he’d have no chance to shower before seeing her now. It was a ritual of his, to shower as soon as he got back to the District. He felt as though he were washing away the filth associated with the Capitol.

Dropping his bag at the foot of the stairs, he climbed them two at a time. “Annie..?” he called, pushing open the door to his bedroom. He felt a rush of warmth spread through him as soon as he spotted her, dressed in one of shirts, sitting cross-legged in the middle of his bed. 

"Finnick," she grinned. 

"I.. I just have to take a shower," he said apologetically, turning towards the bathroom. 

"I.. missed you?" she said hesitantly. There was a question in there, he noticed, a wonder as to why he wanted to shower more than he wanted to see her.

"I feel disgusting," he explained, face turning hard. "It was.. awful." His voice wavered and he avoided her eyes. Instead of accepting this, however, she stood, walking over to him. 

"I don’t want you to touch me," he said, his voice barely audible. "I feel filthy."

"You’re not," she whispered, reaching out to take his hand. "You’re not at all." Seeing that his face still looked pained, she turned, not letting go of his hand, leading them both to the bathroom. "I need a shower, too," she announced, flicking the power button, and pulling off Finnick’s shirt over her head. "Come on."

He nodded, unable to speak, but followed her lead, pulling off the smart, impractical clothes reserved for his time in the Capitol. When they were both naked, she gently took his hand once more, guiding them both into the shower. Under the running water, she took the shampoo, massaging it into his scalp, then cleaned his skin with soap. She was aware of the moment his tears started to fall, but pretended not to notice. She knew how much he hated admitting weakness, and so she merely continued to clean every inch of his skin. When she was done, she met his eyes, and he nodded, reaching out to hold her in his arms. He breathed in the scent of her hair, drinking in the feel of her, his Annie. He was home.

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"Its hard to remember what it’s like to be whole. But I’m trying."

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